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403b: Enroll in Security Benefit’s NEA DirectInvest
Security Benefit’s web site walks you through part of the enrollment process. When we spoke with Security Benefit they never confirmed whether or not we were allowed to enroll in NEA DirectInvest. Don’t let that stop you, this is the entire process we went through:

  1. Fill out some online paper work with Security Benefit.
  2. Fill out the OCPS 403b/457b Product Disclosure.
    1. We were later told this wasn’t necessary.
    2. This example shows how we filled out the form, notice that we left every adviser/representative field blank.
  3. Fill out the OCPS Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) for 403b.
    1. This is where you specify how much you want to invest from each paycheck.
    2. This example shows how we filled out the form, notice that we left every adviser/representative field blank.
  4. Fill out the OCPS 403(b)/457(b) memo.
    1. This example shows how we filled out the form.
  5. Send all of the OCPS paperwork to OCPS Retirement Services.
    1. We emailed the paperwork to and
  6. Eventually OCPS Retirement Services will tell you everything has been setup.
  7. Then you can login to a Security Benefit site that allows you to select your investments.
    1. I can’t remember how we got a user name and password. If you call Security Benefit at 1-800-888-2461 then I’m sure they’ll walk you through it.
  8. Click the “My Portfolio” tab and then click the blue “Change Investments” button that shows up below the tab.
  9. A popup will be displayed. Click the “My Own Investment Choices” radio button and then click the “Continue” button.
  10. Then you’ll see a list of available mutual funds, enter percentages for each fund according to your asset allocation, and work your way through the rest of the dialog. Congratulations, you’re done!

457(b): Enroll in Plan Member Services’ Direct Program
We aren’t currently participating in this program. If that changes or if we help somebody enroll then we’ll post the specific steps here.

It is important to note that the sales rep failed to acknowledge the existence of PlanMember Direct. Don’t let that stop you from enrolling!